This is the documentation for Nice Touch, the most simple and efficient input asset on Unity's Asset Store.


Nice Touch is the most simple mobile input solution available on the Unity Asset Store. Minimal by design, it provides you with a way to add virtual joysticks, directional pads and buttons to your game within seconds. Also included in the Corgi Engine, the best platformer asset for Unity, it’s a proven and battle tested solution that just gets the job done.

I’ve pressed play and the controls have disappeared!

Don’t panic, it’s normal. This is probably because your project’s current build target is not mobile. See this section for more info on how to change it.

Do I need to import Nice Touch in a project that already contains Corgi/Infinite Runner/TopDown/Highroad Engine or Feel?

FEEL contains some of the scripts that run Nice Touch, and a lighter version of Nice Touch, so no, you dont’ need to import it again. If you decide to import both in your project, make sure you remove the NiceTouch/Common/Scripts/MMTools folder first.