This page describes the contents of the asset.

What’s in the asset ?

The asset contains two main folders : Common and Demos. As the name implies, Common contains all the scripts and visual assets necessary for the mobile controls to work. You’ll want to keep that folder in your game. All the scrips are grouped in a Scripts/MMTools folder. That’s because the scripts at the core of Nice Touch are part of MMTools, a bigger library used (among other places) in the Corgi Engine and in the Infinite Runner Engine.

The contents of the asset

Demos contains two demo scenes. NiceTouchTestScene is an exhaustive debug scene. It’ll trigger console or on screen logs for every possible event (joystick pushed in a direction, button pressed, released, etc…). It can be useful if you’re wondering how to bind a certain event. CubeCylinderSphere (I’m good at names) is a very, very minimal game, where you control three different “characters” using the Nice Touch controls. It’s a basic but good example of how you can integrate these controls into your game. The demo folders are not required for the controls to work, you can remove them safely.